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Photographer's Statement

My photographs try to convey to the viewer, in a visually beautiful form, what I experienced at a particular moment. The viewer should be able to see, through the images, as much as I saw myself, and experience the same emotions even from a partial representation. This requires careful selection and visual interpretation to reveal the subject’s essence. Often, I can not explain in words why a particular image moved me. I try to capture images that have some beauty, inspire some strong emotional reaction, transport the viewer to a different culture, time or place, or have a sense of humor. Having been educated as an engineer and a lawyer, it has been difficult, yet rewarding for me to try to see the world not in the logical constructs of my training, but in an experiential way. I license images for all manner of commercial and editorial use and sell fine art prints. I specialize in photo journalism, travel photography and my work includes subjects ranging from panoramic landscapes to people and local culture to abstracts. Some of my photographs are sold through a variety of channels: directly over the internet, by stock photography agencies (Shutterstock and Fotolia), and as photographic products (greeting cards, calendars, posters, etc.) through Zazzle.com (www.pshaw-photo.com). I am a retired intellectual property attorney living with my wife Lynn in Mill Valley, California.

Equipment and Software Used

Nikon D3 digital single lens reflex camera, Nikkor lenses 24-70mm f/2.8G ED AF-S wide angle zoom and 28-300 AF VR zoom. I also use a Fuji X-T1 mirrorless camera with a Fuji 18-135 zoom lens. My images are digitally processed in RAW format using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop and are printed using an Epson 3880 injet digital printer on archival paper.

How to use this website:

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Philip Shaw 2013